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Episode 1

In this episode, Brad gives you an up close of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma build and talks about all the gizmos and gadgets, the ins and outs of it.

Episode 2

In this episode, Brad works with Jake from RSi SmartCap. They take you through step by step of installing the Smart Cap as well as some fun information on the product.

Brad also teams up with Mark from LV8 Design Group. They turn the plain white Tacoma into something unique and custom for E3. Mark give you some great incite into what you should consider when getting a wrap for your vehicle.

Lastly we have Andrew from Midland USA. They provide some great tech for the Tacoma. Andrew gives us some incredible knowledge on their radios and how to install their kits.

Episode 3

Looking for the best place to mount an antenna? Andrew from Midland USA presents the many, many options.

Mark from LV8 Design Group explains the technique, the process and the intricacies of applying the wrap.

Mounting your navigation, your communications and keeping them from flailing around the cab is what Ram Mounts is all about.  Brad reviews the mounting options and lets us in on what he uses.

Episode 4

One tool that makes wiring easy is an sPOD Bantam. This system is so easy to install. Keep all your electrical wiring, accessories, buttons, switches and everything nice and organized.

Andrew from Northridge 4×4 redesigned the famous, custom ARB Compressor Kit. Custom and looks good too.

Need storage? Get Goose Gear.. The Full Rear Seat Delete Kit and The IceBox. We’ve got Rob here from Goose Gear.

Every off-road vehicle needs to have some recovery and some good armor. DeMello delivers. Check out the great products at DeMello Off-Road.

Episode 5

One big asset for an overland vehicle when you’re at camp is some extra power, especially if you’re going to be there for multiple days. We’re adding a fully customized, lithium ion battery management system from Battle Born Batteries.

Love DIY projects? The water system installed is a total do-it-yourself project. Something you can do at home, in your garage, in your vehicle for very little cost! Is 18 gallons enough? Find out the perfect amount and see what a couple hundred dollars can buy for a water tank system.

Episode 6

In this episode we take a closeup look of the stage 4 lift kit from ICON VEHICLE DYNAMICS that we’re going to be installing on our Tacoma. We’ve got a whole bunch of hardware that comes with this kit. In the front, we’ve got some big old beefy, 2.5 Remote Reservoir reservoir coil over. Then we’ve got our upper control arm, we’ve got a Add-A-Leaf for the rear for our Leaf Springs. We’ve also got some aluminum body, 2.0 Remote Reservoir reservoir shocks. See the entire process of the lift kit getting installed!

Watch the install a full-blown KC Highlights M-Rack on here, light bars, bumper lights, and side lighting. “Man, when you turn this thing on, it’s going to light up the night.”

Check out the cool rooftop tent for the Tacoma. This is the CVT  Mount Hood edition. Brad gives a full review of this tent as well as watching the team install it to the custom roof rack.

The key thing with the Warn winch is you’ve got to remove the controller off the top because there’s not enough clearance in a Toyota. So it’s a little bit of work and a little tedious getting your hand up underneath the bolts.

Then we have this 1,000-pound BEDSLIDE, and this is going to be going in the back of the truck bed. This is going to make getting things in and out of the back super easy for the camera crew.

Brad Installs the Rhino Rack awning to the side of the pop up tent.

Also from ICON VEHICLE DYNAMICS, we have the Icon Alloy Rebound wheels.

The tire of choice is the Milestar Patagonia’s, they’re going to be perfect for rolling down the road and for offroading.

Episode 7

It’s not just about the upgrades, it’s about how it feels too!

As the Tacoma build series comes to a close, Brad rides the Tacoma out to a special spot for the unveiling of the completed build!

This is the most impressive walk through of an upgraded Tacoma on the market today. From A-W every upgrade is meticulously reviewed.

“This thing is going to be out on a whole lot of adventures. I just want to say a big thanks to our friends over at Northridge 4×4, the camera crew, the folks from E3 Association, everybody was hands-on on this build. It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun, and I got to see the payoff. Absolutely well worth it.”

If a Tacoma is on your horizon, if you already own one or you just want details, comments and recommendations for your vehicle’s upgrades, this is definitely a must watch video.

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