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Brad Kowitz - TrailRecon
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E3 Overland Association empowers you to connect and share the most outstanding time spent with family and friends.  Together, we'll enjoy the great outdoors through the most innovative and groundbreaking online and offline program GUARANTEED to transform your overland experiences.

E3 empowers members to discover and explore what it  means to make informed decisions while overlanding, so you can appreciate and grow more comfortable with the overland lifestyle. 


Often knowing what to do, where to go, and what to purchase can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of uncertainty, misinformation and limited resources to support an exceptional overland experience. E3 Overland eliminates all the guesswork in planning and accomplishing successful trips with friends and family, doing it in a safe, confident, and enjoyable way. 

Don't risk "burn out" or squander money. Instead, discover how this program can heighten your overlanding life and experience FOREVER.


Whether you are an overlanding expert or just getting started...

You'll enjoy the personalization our proprietary platform and process  brings to your needs and aspirations. E3 Overland delivers best-in-class vetted education, member experiences, and an online platform, along with our tools, partner discount deals, and much more.

As an E3 Overland Member, You’ll Also Tap Into:

  • Convenience of Online Courses
  • ​Advanced Overlanding Strategies
  • ​Overlanding Member Events
  • Exclusive Member Areas
  • Private Q&A Calls with Brad
  • ​and much, much more…

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100% Satisfaction

If you're not blown away, amazed, impressed and impacted in a massive way, at any time... just send an email and we will cancel your membership right away, no further billing, no questions asked.  And ... we will even let you keep access to the complementary portion of the program.  No contracts.  No risk. No questions asked.



Your one-stop source for expert overland information, saving you time and money.

While you're having remarkable overland adventures and being empowered and entertained, you’re saving time and money.

We take the guesswork out of your journey so you can experience more and have peace of mind, from all the useful resources, while creating memories with friends and family that last a lifetime…  

Because isn’t that what it’s all about? Your family means the world to you, don't you want to be able to experience all life has to offer?

E3 Overland is for your entire family to discover the best ways to enjoy quality time together, sitting in the moonlight around your campfire, laughing and enjoying each other’s company again and again.

With excitement for the next day, when you pull up camp, pack your gear, and set your GPS for the next beautiful destination, and more overlanding conversations, stories, fun and family time. 

As an E3 Overland Member, You’ll Also Tap Into:

  • Maps and Trails
  • ​Podcasts and Interviews
  • Member Discounts on Products
  • In-person Time with Brad at Events
  • Private Q&A Calls with Brad Kowitz
  • ​and much, much more…


Meet your Overlanding Guide, BRAD KOWITZ

My overlanding adventures have been unbelievable and I’m so grateful to be able to live this amazing life.  However, it wasn’t always that way. When I first started, there weren’t a lot of resources or options out there. 

I spent a lot of time and wasted a lot of money trying to figure out how to be best prepared for my overland adventures... and I’m still learning. 

That’s what E3 Overland is all about: Empower, Educate, Entertain.

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We are passionate Overlanders!

That’s what E3 Overland is all about… passion. E3 Overland Association is here to educate with all the important information and tools you need to have amazing adventures and an exceptional experience. Can’t you just smell the aroma of tonight’s meal sizzling on the fire? This is living!

There are so many places on this planet to explore. There is nothing better than spending time with family, friends and creating memorable adventures, in some of the most scenic destinations that most people will never get to experience.  

For me... the comradery, memories, amazing camp food, and the sense of accomplishment in planning and executing an epic journey is what I love to do, and share with each other.
- Plan Your Trip Like a  Pro
- Know Exactly What to Expect Before You Go
- Trusted and Vetted Information and Content From Pros
- Stop Wasting Money and Have Clarity and Confidence In Your Needs
​- Crazy Partner Discounted Deals from Industry Titans
​- Learn From My Mistakes
​- A System That Makes It Easy

Get Started Today with Just 3 Easy Steps…


Get connected with Brad and other like-minded overlanders.


Tons of valuable real-world overlanding advice in various forms.

3. PLAY 

Put what you uncover into action OVERLANDING!

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  •  E3 Members Calendar - Brad's  Travel Included
  • Live Experts Group Calls
  • Live Q&A Calls with Brad & Guest Experts
  • E3TV Live Streaming TV Channel
  • Live Webinar with Industry Pros
  • Online Library-Treasure Trove, Maps, Trails, Tools, Tips and More
  • Weekly Topic Talk Email
  • Live In-Person Events Hosted by Brad
  • Yearly Product Gift Box
  • Monthly Release of New Courses and Lessons
  • Massive Product Discounts from E3 Partners
  • And so Much More!
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E3 Overland is a proud supporter of Team Rubicon, donating a portion of every monthly membership.

Still on the fence? 
Here are a few questions we get asked a lot ...

Is E3 Overland a forum? NO.
E3 Overland is a membership program.  E3 is the place for legitimate, filtered, vetted information from industry professionals. It’s an entire program of online content and courses from, not necessarily us, but industry professionals who know what they're talking about.

Who are the industry professionals and experts?
E3 Overland is not just Jeeps and Toyotas. It’s the entire experience of overlanding. Our industry experts have spent literally decades living the overland lifestyle. It is part of who they are. From traveling through many of this country’s most scenic areas, be it forest land, to wetland, to the most arid, dry, yet so strikingly beautiful scenes. 

Many of our experts actually live in these hauntingly unique areas, because they have spent so much time there, they decided to never leave. Many other E3 Overland experts are literally on the road for much of the year, having become overland nomads, calling Idaho, Utah, Washington, Oregon, North Dakota, California and many other places home, for only short periods of time. 
Our experts are adventure travel enthusiasts. They are partners offering adventure travel equipment, camping gear, services and overland expertise.

Why is the membership monthly?
The unique feature of E3 Overland is that it never ends. We share new courses, new laws, the latest equipment, updates and more. Also, much of the activity and live events happen monthly. You will always have new, fresh content and activities to take advantage of, each and every month as an E3 Overland Member.

Why does it cost any money at all?
Two reasons. First, we want E3 to enrich the entire overland family. A portion of all memberships goes to Team Rubicon, to help support and unite the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders. It’s supremely important to the entire E3 Team, and from speaking to members, it is very important to a lot of you. Two, this isn't just Brad. We have a team of people across the nation bringing you vetted, accurate information on a monthly basis.  

How is the E3 Overland membership both live and online?
We've talked about all of the online entertainment and education. We do live calls, live expert interviews, webinars, trail rides, overland journeys, meet and greets, live conferences and member only events and much, much, much, more.  
How often will new content be released?
We release new content weekly and monthly. You will receive courses, podcasts, audio messages regularly. Plus, we also have an E3 Overland TV series, which if you don't know what E3 TV is; it's our own TV series with new episodes monthly.

Can I cancel my membership at any time? YES.
E3 Overland is a no obligation program. You can cancel at any time. If the membership isn't fulfilling all your needs, you can cancel anytime. Email us at We're here to help each other, so send us a message. We’d like to know why, so we can improve, but if you want to cancel, we'll cancel no problem.

How can we participate in content ideas and get questions answered?
Email us at if you have questions for our Q&A, our podcasts or webinars. We will answer it, or a professional will answer personally or in a video.

What is the E3 Association?

The E3 Association group of companies has been around for a long time. It’s a great organization that gives influencers with good intentions, a great way to positively impact people’s lives. The 3 Es stand for Empower, Educate and Entertain. The brand platform gives E3 Overland the ability to touch more peoples live and deliver so much more over and above Social Media. E3 Association has a large group of joint venture partners we all, including our members, can take advantage of, save money and more. AND they make us equal partners in the company. Because we're partners, all E3 brands are able to work together to deliver way more value than we ever could alone. 


E3 Overland is a proud supporter of Team Rubicon, donating a portion of every monthly membership. Team Rubicon is an international disaster response nonprofit that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly provide relief to communities in need. Founded in 2010 with the expressed goal of quickly responding to large-scale disasters, Team Rubicon has deployed thousands of volunteers across the United States and world to provide relief to communities in need.

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