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  • A source you can trust for the best education, training and guidance, all in one place for tips, how-to’s,  events expert training and information in the overland world. Nothing is held back from our Premium Members.
  • You'll get answers you're looking for to your most pressing overland questions, even questions you didn't know to ask with access to our E3 Overland Team and industry experts.
  • Access to dozens of empowering, educational and entertaining courses and hundreds of lessons, delivered to you in an easy to understand way.
  • LIVE Q&A Sessions and Webinars  - You'll get any overlanding questions answered LIVE and be able to actually talk to Brad, during each Members-Only Q&A Session.  

    These exciting LIVE Q&A Sessions are your lifeline for anything you want or need to know about Brad, or any questions you have about your 4x4, the top places to go overlanding, latest tech. 
  • The E3 Overland Training and Library Portal - This is home base for your overland learning, driven by our top off road team of experts and industry pros. You'll gain a complete overland education in areas like...  vehicle safety, education, high-tech, new products and reviews, overlanding best practices, travel and events, overland and veterans, modifications and more.
  • Your E3 Overland and National and International Event Calendars - You’ll always know about major online and offline events happening across the nation and the world. This way you can plan for travel, and you’ll know where and when Brad will be  attending, along with many more offline events you won’t want to miss. 
  • E3 Overland Weekly Member Messages and Tools - Every document, worksheet, resource and pro tip you'll need to stay up with the fast moving world of overlanders.
  • "Overlander" E3 Overland Magazine - Discover more about overlanding in our online magazine, bringing you the latest news, features and events.

    If You're Already an Overlander, or You Want to Be One,  Join the Adventures at E3 Overland Today!
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